Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation

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Master Payroll Solutions has partnered with a workers’ compensation administrator to provide you with the most efficient and affordable way to pay for your workers’ compensation coverage.

Pay As You Go Billing (“PAYG”) links your workers’ compensation policy directly with your payroll process and automatically remits payment to your insurance carrier. Unlike traditional billing, where your premium is based on an estimated annual payroll, PAYG systematically calculates your premium using your actual payroll data, every pay cycle. This ensures that your premium is a true reflection of your business and brings you the following benefits:

What We Provide

  • No large up-front deposits
  • Greater cash-flow management
  • Saves time and money
  • Decreases or eliminates audit expenses

Pay As You Go

No up-front deposits/Greater cash-flow management

Traditional billing methods ask you to fund between 25-100% of your estimated annual premium up front. Rather than paying for your insurance up to a year in advance and tying up vital cash, with PAYG you pay your premium as you go, one payroll period at a time, keeping far more capital in your business.

Save time and money

With PAYG there are no checks to write or payments to remember, allowing you to spend far more time focusing on your business instead of workers’ compensation paperwork. And unlike traditional billing options, with PAYG there are no installment-billing fees from insurance companies.

Decrease or eliminate audit expenses

Because traditional billing policies are based on an estimated premium, they can’t adjust to unexpected payroll changes, resulting in costly and time-consuming audits Conversely, PAYG accurately accounts for payroll variability by calculating your premium every pay cycle and adjusting your bill accordingly.

While PAYG does not guarantee that you will not be audited, it certainly lowers the cost, time and complexity associated with traditional billing audits and in most cases eliminates the need completely.

How It Works

  • Your payroll file is uploaded to our partner
  • Our partner calculates premium and sends you debit notification
  • You receive debit notice by email
  • Your bank account is debited by our Partner
  • You can view transactions, etc. on-line

About Our Partner

Our Partner combines all the traditional licensing, sales and service capabilities of a national brokerage with the passion and pursuit of using technology to make insurance product acquisition simpler and more efficient for our customers.

Our Partner shop across multiple carriers to find the best price for you. They have the technology platform which canvases their A-rated carriers to find the best-fit, best-price coverage.

If you are interest in a quote for workers compensation then contact us.

As a national leader in providing businesses Pay As You Go billing options, our team will help you find the coverage you need and seamlessly integrate the billing process with payroll deduction. Complete this online quote form or call us at 801-576-9998 now to get started. We will help develop a payroll package that's a perfect match for your busines.